Vehicle Selling Tools & Resources

Ready To Sell Or Trade Your Car?

Selling your vehicle shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we've created this kit to help make reselling a breeze. Just click on any link below to learn more about reselling or trading in your vehicle. Just keep in mind that some of these links might take you outside of the Owner website.

Selling Tools

Get a Copy of Your Vehicle's Service History

Letting prospective buyers know your car or truck has been well-maintained can make the selling process go smoother. You can print out your vehicle's service log from the My Service History page.

Determine Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value

How much is your current vehicle worth? Get a free online trade-in appraisal in minutes by visiting the Intelliprice website, describing your vehicle and its condition.

Intelliprice is an independent resource that computes the trade-in value of your vehicle and prepares your pre-inspection appraisal report.

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