How to start your vehicle remotely with MyLincoln Mobile

With the updated MyLincoln Mobile application, you can use your smartphone to stay connected with and control your vehicle from virtually anywhere. With the touch of a button, remote start your Lincoln vehicle with Reserve Package (and available modem). You can also use MyLincoln Mobile’s Remote Commands to schedule autostarts for specific times and days of the week. To learn about the full range of premium services that this app puts at your fingertips, see the MyLincoln Mobile Overview. To start using MyLincoln Mobile's remote features, follow the steps below.

Note: MyLincoln Mobile app, compatible on select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. The available embedded modem is included on Reserve Equipment group. Services included for 4 years. Text and data rates apply to usage. Currently available on the 2015 MKC and MKZ, and the 2016 MKC, MKX, and MKZ. Services may be limited by mobile phone network coverage area.

  • Before you start

    There are a few things you should do before starting step 1:

    Log into the MyLincoln Mobile app on your smartphone, using your Lincoln Owner account credentials.

    (The same username and password can also be used for Lincoln Support and Lincoln Concierge accounts.)

  • The Home screen appears.

    Press the Remote Command button located in the upper right.

  • The Remote Features screen appears.

    Press Start button to turn on your ignition remotely.

    Note: Most commands take approximately 30 seconds to complete, but could take up to 90 seconds, depending on cellular signal strength.

  • Press Stop Engine button to turn off your ignition remotely.

    Safety Precaution: MyLincoln Mobile will shut off your engine automatically if left to idle. The default shut-off time is 10 minutes, but could change based on your in-vehicle settings.

  • Press Schedule Autostart to schedule a remote start, if desired.

  • The Autostart – Add screen appears. Press Add to schedule an Autostart.

  • Select the desired Hour and Minute of your scheduled remote start by scrolling to highlighted row.

    Choose AM or PM.

    Use the Repeat every week menu to repeat scheduled remote start time(s) on desired day(s) of the week.

    Be sure to select the checkbox to automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time, if appropriate.

    Press Save button.

  • The next time you access this feature, your Autostart(s) will be listed on a screen.

    You can Disable, Delete or Edit an Autostart from this page by selecting the time you want to change.

    Note: You can schedule a maximum of 10 autostarts. Disabled Autostarts will be displayed on this page for reference.

  • Disable an autostart by pressing the Autostart: Enabled toggle button.

    Press Delete to remove an Autostart from your list.

    Edit an Autostart time by scrolling to the updated start time and day(s) of the week you want. The updated time is saved when you tap the back link.

    Note: If your vehicle undergoes a scheduled remote start and is allowed to shut off automatically, all future scheduled remote starts will be canceled.

  • Activate other remote features, such as Lock and Unlock, by pressing the appropriate buttons.

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