Offering moments that bring a
little peace of mind to your day.


Lincoln Dealerships are open across the nation, and the “new normal” has helped Lincoln
develop a new standard in offering peace of mind. We will continue with our enhanced cleaning
measures in our dealerships and with Lincoln Pickup & Delivery* servicing. In addition, we are
providing our dealers with personal protection equipment (PPE) for their staff and guests. As
things get moving, we’ll be there every mile of the way — offering a true sense of sanctuary.

Schedule service for your Lincoln through your Lincoln Way™ App, or call your local dealer to make an appointment.

Stay connected to Lincoln and your vehicle with the Lincoln Way App — your go-to, all-in-one-place source to help make owning your Lincoln as effortless as possible.**

Should you need help on the road, our Roadside Assistance teams are available to help keep you on your way.

Your health, and the health of others, is our top priority.

We thank you in advance for observing face covering guidelines when visiting your Lincoln dealership.

A person is shown approaching a Lincoln loaner vehicle in their driveway


Now scheduling service for your vehicle is even easier. Simply open your Lincoln Way™ App, identify the type of service you need and select a convenient time from a list of available Lincoln Pickup & Delivery™* appointments. A Lincoln Service Valet will bring you a complimentary Lincoln Loaner™** — cleaned using sanitizers recommended by the CDC — and take your Lincoln to the dealership.

Your Journey Continues — Renewing your lease online

We hope you’ve enjoyed the exclusive benefits of leasing with Lincoln Automotive Financial Services.
If it’s time to consider a new lease, you can begin the process at home with our online shopping tools.


Our build and price tool lets you select your model, equip it to your liking and take a 360-degree tour of what you have created, inside and out.


Discover available vehicles at Lincoln Dealerships across the country or just down the road.


Lease or purchase a Lincoln with our effortless sales experience — a transparent online tool that allows you to work with your dealer and guides you through the entire lease or purchase transaction from start to finish from virtually anywhere.
*Available through select participating Lincoln Dealers only.

Doing what we can, where we can.

Payment Assistance

Existing Lincoln owners in the U.S. affected by COVID-19 who purchased or are leasing a Lincoln vehicle are encouraged to contact Lincoln Automotive Financial Services to discuss options if they are having payment difficulty. Call 1-800-723-4016.


In response to the COVID-19 virus, for your safety, some dealerships are temporarily closed. If it is time to turn in your lease and your dealership is closed, you have recently moved or if it simply isn’t convenient please log into Account Manager or contact your originating Lincoln Dealer for steps on how to proceed. If you are unable to locate or contact a dealer, please contact us.


If you are experiencing difficulty in turning in your Lincoln as it nears its scheduled lease-end date, you can keep it for an additional 30 days.* All you have to do is simply make another monthly payment by the same date of the month that your regularly scheduled payments were due.**

If you still wish to turn in your current lease at your scheduled lease-end date and are having trouble doing so, please contact us.


Vehicle Care Tips

Lincoln customer service representative at dealership

High Driver-touch areas

Helping you help yourself.

Additional cleaning on high touch areas inside your Lincoln including door handles, knobs and steering wheel can help protect you and your family. Contact your dealer to learn more about cleaning solutions that are appropriate for use in your Lincoln.

The Lincoln Way App helps schedule pickup & delivery, contact a personal concierge.

The Lincoln Way™ App

With the Lincoln Way App,* get help on the road should you need to head out with 24-hour Roadside Assistance,** stay aware of your vehicle’s health, schedule Lincoln Pickup & Delivery and get expert assistance from your Lincoln Concierge. You can even connect with Lincoln Automotive Financial Services should you need help with payments if you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 virus.