How to register your vehicle with MyLincoln Mobile

To put a variety of premium services at your fingertips, download the updated MyLincolnTM Mobile application and register your vehicle. Benefits include real-time vehicle access and personalized client support – all in one, easy-to-use app for your smartphone. For added security, Lincoln Reserve vehicles (with available modem) must be authorized to enable access to MyLincoln Mobile’s full range of remote features. For additional app functionality details, see the MyLincoln Mobile overview. To start registering your vehicle, follow the steps below.

Note: MyLincoln Mobile app, compatible on select smartphone platforms, is available through a free download. The available embedded modem is included on Reserve Equipment group. Services included for 4 years. Text and data rates apply to usage. Currently available on all 2017 vehicles, the 2015 MKC and MKZ, and the 2016 MKC, MKX, and MKZ.

  • Create and register your Lincoln Owner account:

    • Enter your name, username (email address), and password.
    • If prompted, provide additional profile information to complete the registration process.
  • Log into the MyLincoln Mobile app on your smartphone, using your new Lincoln Owner account credentials.
    (The same username and password can also be used for Lincoln Owner and Lincoln Concierge accounts.)

    Note: For enhanced security, you will be asked to set up a passcode after logging in. You’ll then be prompted to enter this passcode each time you open the app.

  • Add your Lincoln vehicle:

    • Scan or enter your VIN (vehicle identification number), and assign a vehicle nickname.
    • Upon entering the VIN, double-check it for accuracy to ensure that MyLincoln Mobile features are enabled for your vehicle.
  • On your smartphone’s MyLincoln Mobile Home screen:

    • Select either Remote or Vehicle Status.
    • The Authorize Vehicle screen appears.
    • Press Authorize.
    Note: Remote features are available only for Lincoln Reserve vehicles (with embedded modem).
  • Continue the authorization process inside your vehicle:

    • Turn on the ignition, keeping vehicle in park.
    • A pop-up message will appear on your vehicle’s SYNC touchscreen in the center stack. Press Allow.
  • After a 24-hour waiting period, finalize the authorization process inside your vehicle.

    • At vehicle start-up, select Allow on your vehicle’s SYNC touchscreen in the center stack.
  • You will then receive an “In-Vehicle Authorization Complete” notification on your smartphone, as well as a corresponding alert in your app’s Message Center. 

    MyLincoln Mobile‘s remote features will now be enabled, along with full access to all other app features.

  • Quick Tip

    • On your vehicle’s documentation (e.g., registration, title, lease, or promissory note).
    • On the driver side door post.
    • On the dash next to the windshield on the driver's side. (This is the most common location.)
    • Chat with a Lincoln Support agent, who will look it up for you.

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