911 Assist

Once 911 Assist® is enabled (set to ON), it may, through any paired and connected mobile phone, disclose that the vehicle has been in certain types of crashes to 911 operators to assist in the dispatch of emergency services. 911 Assist transmits that a crash occurred, if that crash included the deployment of an airbag or, in certain vehicles, the activation of the fuel pump shut-off. Certain versions or updates to 911 Assist may also be capable of electronically or verbally providing additional information about the vehicle, occupants, or crash to 911 operators to better assist them in the dispatch of emergency services. Examples of such information include: latitude/longitude location of the vehicle, the type of crash (e.g. frontal or side), change in velocity, and possible detection of fastened safety belts. Some versions of 911 Assist may also send anonymous data to Ford in order to improve the performance of the system and for vehicle safety research.

911 Assist is initially set OFF. You can activate or deactivate this feature. See 911 Assist section of the Owner Guide for instructions. Please inform other drivers that if 911 Assist is enabled, it may be capable of disclosing such information.

Note: Vehicles equipped with the MyKey feature may be capable of overriding the 911 Assist settings and turning 911 Assist ON, even if it was previously set to OFF. See MyKey section of Owner Guide for more information.