Your Lincoln may be equipped with a six-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission. This system allows you to choose between fully automatic operation or semi-automatic, clutch-less operation, in which you can manually upshift and downshift. This video will show you how SelectShift can enhance your driving experience.


The SelectShift automatic transmission allows you to choose between a conventional automatic-shifting drive mode (“D”) or semi-automatic shifting sport mode (“S”). Within Sport mode, you can choose between automatic Sport shifting and manual shifting.

Drive (D)

In drive, the transmission will perform fully automatic shifts if you do not use the shift buttons. However, by pressing the upshift or downshift buttons you can take temporary manual control. Based on driver interactions, the system will determine when temporary manual control is no longer in use and return to fully automatic shifting.

Sport Automatic (S)

After you shift into Sport mode and before you attempt to make a manual shift, SelectShift will provide performance-oriented automatic shifts for you. For example, when lifting off the accelerator pedal, the transmission may hold the gear for better performance and engine braking. And when braking on hilly roads, the transmission may downshift at higher speeds in order to provide better engine braking.

Sport Manual (S)

To enter Sport manual mode, simply press your vehicle’s button or paddle to upshift or downshift. This mode gives the driver extensive manual control. You can change gears up and down yourself by using the shift controls in your vehicle. The shift controls may be located on buttons on the shift lever or on paddles behind the steering wheel. Though you may change gears yourself, SelectShift does not have a clutch pedal like a fully manual transmission.

Automatic Overrides in Sport Manual (S)

SelectShift may automatically make some shifts for you, even in Sport manual mode. If the system determines that the engine is running at an excessively low RPM, which may cause it to stall, SelectShift will automatically downshift. Likewise, SelectShift may automatically prevent you from making a downshift in Sport manual mode if the transmission determines that downshifting will result in excessively high RPM and damage to the engine due to over-revving. To prevent over-revving, it is possible that the transmission may automatically upshift as well. Finally, if the driver is in a high gear and accelerates very abruptly without downshifting, the transmission may automatically shift to a lower gear in order to provide the necessary acceleration for a potential emergency maneuver.

If your transmission is equipped with a toggle on the gearshift lever:

  • Press the (+) button to upshift.

  • Press the (-) button to downshift.

If your transmission is equipped with steering wheel paddles:

  • Pull the right paddle (+) to upshift.

  • Pull the left paddle (–) to downshift.

Recommended Shift Speeds

Upshifts when accelerating (recommended for best fuel economy)

  • Shift Gears
  • 1 - 2
    15 mph (24 km/h)
  • 2 - 3
    25 mph (40 km/h)
  • 3 - 4
    40 mph (64 km/h)
  • 4 - 5
    45 mph (72 km/h)
  • 5 - 6
    50 mph (80 km/h)

The instrument cluster will display your currently selected gear. Please see your vehicle’s owner guide for more detailed information about when SelectShift will automatically shift in sport mode.