How do I use Valet Mode with Phone As A Key?

Handing over your keys to a valet in a “keyless” world may seem like an oxymoron. Thankfully, Phone As A Key* makes sense of it with steps you can take to set up your vehicle without having to hand over your mobile phone or a smart key.

It’s called Valet Mode, and it uses a temporary passcode that permits a valet attendant to unlock, start and drive your vehicle using a SecuriCode™ invisible keypad and the SYNC® 3 touchscreen.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to SETTINGS.

  2. Go to VALET MODE.

  3. You'll get an eight-digit passcode sent to the Phone As A Key feature on the Lincoln Way App.**

  4. Write down the code and hand it to your attendant.

The valet attendant can now operate the vehicle by inputting the code on the SYNC 3 touchscreen, and you can head inside for lunch, to the theater or wherever the day or evening is taking you.

When you’re ready to retrieve your vehicle, the valet simply uses the first five digits of your passcode on the SecuriCode invisible keypad. He/she can then operate the vehicle in Valet Mode by entering the eight-digit passcode on the touchscreen to start and drive your vehicle.

Once you get into your vehicle, an alert on your SYNC 3 system will indicate you are in VALET MODE. Just press EXIT VALET MODE. If the Phone As A Key software is detected, you are good to go!