Drive to your personal soundtrack with SYNC 3

No matter how eclectic your musical tastes—from Hip Hop to Country to smooth Jazz—or how you store your music, SYNC® 3 lets you enjoy it all safely while you’re behind the wheel, without rummaging for your media player. Use SYNC 3 to control your favorite radio stations, streaming apps and playlists, either through voice commands or your touchscreen.

SYNC 3 provides fast and simple access to all audio sources—some built into the vehicle (like the radio) and others brought into the vehicle such as your personal media devices and apps running on your compatible smartphone.27,63

Learn how to quickly access and control your audio with enhanced voice commands in this video.

Simple, uncluttered touchscreen design

Audio features

Three main options to get you started

  • AM

  • FM

  • SiriusXM radio

  • CD

  • USB

  • Bluetooth stereo

  • AppLink-enabled audio apps

  • Press the Direct Tune button, and a pop-up window appears.

    • You can also use the physical tune or seek controls on the center console to select a station.
  • Touch the keypad to enter the desired station frequency.

    • To delete a previously entered number, press the backspace button.
  • Once you’ve entered the station’s call numbers:

    • Press Enter to begin playing the station you’ve entered.
    • Press Cancel to exit without playing the station.
  • Tune to the desired radio station, and then press and hold a memory preset button.

    • Audio mutes briefly while the system saves the station, and then reactivates.
  • There are two preset banks available for AM and three banks for FM.

  • Tap the preset button to access additional presets.

    • Indicators on the preset button show which bank of presets you’re currently viewing.

Audio voice commands

Audio list of commands