Find your way with SYNC 3

You can set the optimal route for your journey with the SYNC® 3 Navigation system (if equipped). Designed with you in mind, the system lets you access easy-to-use navigation options with a light tap on the touchscreen or by using simple voice commands.

To set your destination, start by pressing the Navigation icon located in the Feature bar at the bottom of your vehicle’s touchscreen. You can then choose your destination by using the following modes.

Learn how to find a destination with the SYNC 3 Navigation System in this video.

Set a destination

Easy destination entry

View your route

Navigation Menu

  • Full Map displays a full-sized view of your map on the SYNC touchscreen during navigation.

  • Press Highway Exit Info to display point of interest (POI) icons (restaurants, ATMs, etc.) associated with each exit. You can select a POI as a waypoint, if desired. Learn more about this and other advanced navigation features.

  • During active navigation, press Turn List to show all of the available turns on your current route.