Navigation Favorites screen on SYNC interface.

Quick access to frequent destinations

The SYNC® 3 Navigation system (if equipped) lets you create a list of favorites so you can access your home, work, or other frequently-used routes with ease. No matter where your journey takes you, this convenient feature helps you safely navigate to your favorite destinations with just a few taps of the touchscreen.

To set up your Favorites list, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Nav icon in the Feature bar at the bottom of the screen to access the main Navigation screen.

    NoteThe steps for setting up either a Home or Work address are the same.

  2. Press the Destination icon.

  3. The Set a Destination screen appears. Press the Home/Setup or Work/Setup icon to set up your desired address as a destination.  

  4. An “Add a Favorite for Home [or Work]?” message will appear. Press Yes to continue.  

  5. Enter the address of your desired location in the text box. You can also enter a city, point of interest, or intersection.

    When finished, press Search

  6. Once SYNC finds the destination, it will display a map and address for your desired location.

    • If the information is correct, press Save.
    • Or, if SYNC doesn’t provide the result you want, press the Arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner to edit your information.
  7. Once your destination information is correct, SYNC will save the location to your list of Favorites.

    To add a Favorite location, press the + Add a Favorite icon. You can also Press the Favorites icon from the main Set a Destination screen (see step 3).

    Follow steps 5 – 7 to enter and save addresses of additional locations. Each time you add a new location, SYNC will save it to this list.

    To Edit or Delete a favorite destination, select the destination you wish to change from your Favorites list. 

  8. A screen will then appear displaying a map and address for the location. Press Edit

  9. Next, a screen will display the following options:

    • Change Name
    • Change Icon
    • Change Location
    • Delete

    Select the appropriate icon to edit or delete your destination’s information.