Climate control at your fingertips

Controlling your climate settings (if your vehicle is equipped) is convenient and easy with SYNC® 3. For cabin comfort, you can use SYNC 3 to adjust a variety of climate control features, including temperature, defrost controls, and fan speed.

You can also use voice commands to set the vehicle’s temperature.

You can access the following features by pressing the climate icon on the SYNC touchscreen. You can also access many of these features using the climate control buttons on your dashboard’s center console. Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, your touchscreen may appear slightly different from the image shown here.

For more details on your vehicle’s climate control features, watch this video.

Driver temperature control

Press the up or down arrows to adjust the driver temperature.

From the Settings menu, you can also change the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit. In the Feature bar, press Settings, then General, and make your climate selection.

Heated steering wheel

If your vehicle is equipped with a heated steering wheel, you can press the heated steering wheel button to turn this feature on or off.  


Press the Auto button to prompt the system to automatically maintain your desired cabin temperature.

Select the desired temperature by pressing the temperature control arrows on the touchscreen. The system adjusts the fan speed, air distribution, and air conditioning operation, using outside or recirculated air to maintain the temperature you’ve selected. 


Press the Power button to turn the climate control system on or off. Switching the system off prevents outside air from entering the vehicle.  


Press the Dual button to return the temperature on the passenger side to the driver side temperature. 

Passenger temperature control

Press the up or down arrows on the Passenger Temperature Control toggle to adjust the front passenger-side temperature.

From the Settings menu, you can also change the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit. In the Feature bar, press Settings, then General, and make your climate selection.

Learn more about Settings.

Defrost and airflow distribution

Press the Defrost button to access your vehicle’s defrost controls and clear the windshield of fog and thin ice.

A pop-up menu will display the following options:

  • Max Defrost: Press to maximize front and rear windshield defrosting.

  • Defrost: Press to distribute air to the windshield and de-mister vents.

  • Heated Rear Window: Press to switch on the rear defrost. 

  • Close: Press to close the Defrost Controls pop-up menu. 

You can also adjust your vehicle’s manual airflow distribution controls. Press the appropriate button to direct airflow either from the instrument panel or floor vents. You can select these controls individually or both together to control your cabin’s airflow.

Fan speed

Press the up or down arrows to control the volume of air circulated in your vehicle.  


Press the A/C button to access the air conditioning feature. A pop-up menu will display the following options:

  • MAX A/C: Press for maximum cooling.

  • A/C: Press to turn the air conditioning on or off. 

  • Recirculated air: Press to switch between outside air and recirculated air. Using recirculated air may reduce the amount of time needed to cool the interior. It may also help prevent odors from entering your vehicle.

  • Close: Press this button to close the A/C Controls pop-up menu. 

Climate-controlled seats

If your vehicle is equipped with climate-controlled seats, you and your front passenger can use SYNC 3 to heat or cool your seats.

To heat your seat, press the icon to the right side of the toggle button.

To cool your seat, press the icon to the left side of the toggle button.

Press the heated or cooled seat button repeatedly to select your desired seat temperature, from the highest to the lowest setting, and then off. The higher the setting, the more indicator lights display.

Voice commands

You can use voice commands to set your vehicle’s internal temperature.

Push the voice button on your steering wheel and when prompted say a command like, “Climate set temperature to 72 degrees” and SYNC 3 will make that adjustment.