A fully integrated, voice-activated communications, entertainment and information system, SYNC® 3 enables you to stay connected while you’re driving so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

SYNC® 3 is a revolutionary way to interact with your vehicle. The color touchscreen conveniently displays the most-used features with easy-to-read text and icons, right on the home screen. From a light tap, to swiping and pinching for some features, the SYNC® 3 screen responds with impressive speed.

Watch this video to help you get started with SYNC® 3.

How the SYNC® 3 touchscreen keeps you connected

Status bar

SYNC status bar.

Here’s a list of features that may appear in your Status bar:

SYNC home icon.
SYNC Temperature controls.
SYNC Time.
Outdoor temperature.
SYNC microphone.
SYNC audio.
WiFi Icon.
Roaming icon.
Unread text message icon.
911 assist icon.
Bluetooth alert icon.
Bluetooth engaged icon.
SYNC Navigation screen.
SYNC radio screen.
SYNC phone screen.
Cell phone reception.
Cell phone battery.
911 assist icon.
Text message received icon.
Do not disturb icon.
Climate controlled seats screen.

Feature bar

Feature bar.
Audio icon.
Climate icon.
Phone icon.
Navigation icon.
 Apps icon.
Settings icon.

Quick Tip