Connecting your vehicle to Wi-Fi is a simple process that can be done with any stable private network. For Over-the-Air Updates, Wi-Fi can help with a faster download.1

From your SYNC® screen:

  1. Press Settings

  2. Swipe to the second page and press Connectivity

  3. Press Manage Wi-Fi Networks to view different Wi-Fi settings and actions

  4. Press View Available Networks

    a.  Your system will display available networks. You can also search for hidden networks by selecting Add a Network

  5. Select an available Wi-Fi network

    a.  If you would like more information on a network, press the Information icon next to the network name

  6. Enter the network password if prompted

  7. Once you’re connected, a Wi-Fi Connectivity Icon will appear in the top right corner of your SYNC screen.

Note: Your vehicle will now automatically connect to this network when in range.