Your SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch-equipped vehicle gives you voice and touch control to easily reach your destination and avoid traffic along the way. SYNC® Services offers several ways to get directions as well as smart routing options, detailed map views (if equipped with Navigation), and personalized traffic information.12,34

Get directions and other travel information

There are several ways to get directions, traffic alerts, and other useful travel information such as fuel prices with SYNC®. These include:

Subscription services

  • Operator Assist

  • Traffic 

  • Send to SYNC® 

Operator Assist


Ask SYNC® for directions

SYNC® Services

  • Command
    How SYNC® responds
  • Business search
    Requests the name of the business you are looking for
  • Directions to [Address point]
    Finds the route to a named address point that you named in your Lincoln Owner account
  • Help
    Provides options for getting assistance with SYNC® Services
  • Route status
    Gives the number of miles and approximate time to your destination


  • Command
    How SYNC® responds
  • Find an address
    Finds the address you are looking for
  • I'm hungry
    Finds nearby restaurants

Travel Link

  • Command
    How SYNC® responds
  • Traffic
    Shows traffic along your route
  • Show weather forecast
    Shows five day forecast
  • Show movie listings
    Shows local movie listings
  • Show gas prices
    Shows local gas stations and gas prices
  • Show sports scores
    Shows sports scores