Get directions with SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

SYNC screen with point of interest displayed

Your SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation-equipped vehicle gives you voice control to reach your destination easily and avoid traffic along the way. Use SYNC to get directions, detailed map views, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, personalized traffic alerts (with available SYNC Services), and more.12,34

Get directions and travel information

There are four ways to get directions, traffic alerts, and other travel information with SYNC.

Subscription services

  • Operator Assist in SYNC Services*

  • Traffic in SYNC Services*

  • Send to SYNC in SYNC Services*

  • Send to SYNC in SYNC Services*

Operator Assist in SYNC Services

Speak directly to a live operator with the Operator Assist package, which comes with available SYNC Services, once activated. You're connected to turn-by-turn voice directions, live Operator Assist support, and 411 Business Search and can speak with a live operator at any time for help with your search.64

Traffic in SYNC Services

Save your favorite addresses for targeted traffic updates. You can also create alerts for traffic conditions in your region, which will be sent via text message to your mobile phone. You can personalize traffic reports and alerts through your registered Ford Owner account, once activated.

Send to SYNC in SYNC Services

Ask SYNC for directions

To interact with SYNC, use voice commands . Listed below are some commonly used voice commands for directions and traffic information, using either SYNC Services or SiriusXM Travel Link (if active).

To get started, press or pull Voice on the steering wheel and say “Services” to initiate SYNC Services. Once connected, you’ll be asked “What service do you want?” Alternately, after pressing or pulling Voice, you can say “Travel Link” to issue a voice command. Following are some common commands for each of these modes:

SYNC Services

  • Command
    How SYNC responds
  • Business search
    Requests the name of the business you are looking for
  • Directions to [Address point]
    Finds the route to a named address point that you named in your Lincoln Owner account
  • Help
    Provides options for getting assistance with SYNC Services
  • Route status
    Gives the number of miles and approximate time to your destination

Travel Link

  • Command
    How SYNC responds
  • Show traffic
    Shows traffic along your route
  • Show weather forecast
    Shows five-day forecast
  • Show movie listings
    Shows local movie listings
  • Show gas prices
    Shows local gas stations and gas prices
  • Show sports scores
    Shows sports scores