Get directions with SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

SYNC screen with point of interest displayed

Your SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation-equipped vehicle gives you voice control to reach your destination easily and avoid traffic along the way. Use SYNC to get directions, detailed map views, voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, personalized traffic alerts (with available SYNC Services), and more.12,34

Get directions and travel information

Subscription services

  • Operator Assist in SYNC Services*

  • Traffic in SYNC Services*

  • Send to SYNC in SYNC Services*

  • Send to SYNC in SYNC Services*

Operator Assist in SYNC Services

Traffic in SYNC Services

Send to SYNC in SYNC Services

Ask SYNC for directions

SYNC Services

  • Command
    How SYNC responds
  • Business search
    Requests the name of the business you are looking for
  • Directions to [Address point]
    Finds the route to a named address point that you named in your Lincoln Owner account
  • Help
    Provides options for getting assistance with SYNC Services
  • Route status
    Gives the number of miles and approximate time to your destination

Travel Link

  • Command
    How SYNC responds
  • Show traffic
    Shows traffic along your route
  • Show weather forecast
    Shows five-day forecast
  • Show movie listings
    Shows local movie listings
  • Show gas prices
    Shows local gas stations and gas prices
  • Show sports scores
    Shows sports scores