Interior of Lincoln vehicle with phone and voice commands icons

A key feature of SYNC® is using voice commands for hands-free calling.12,13

Key points about Phone voice commands

Phone voice commands

  • Action
    Voice Commands
  • Call listing in phonebook
    "Call [name] [at home/at work/on cell/on other]"
  • Ex.: "Call Mom"
  • Ex.: "Call Mary Smith on cell"
  • Call number
    "Phone" | pause | “Dial" | pause | "[phone number]" | pause | "Dial" or "Enter"
  • Display phone name in SYNC
    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone name"
  • Turn on/off notification of an incoming text message
    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone setting message notification [on/off]"
  • Turn on/off ringer
    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone setting set ringer "
  • Change SYNC ring tone
    "Phone menu" | pause | " Phone setting set ringer <1/2/3>"
  • If a call is active, use the following commands:
  • Switch audio from car speakers to phone (privacy)
    "Go to privacy"
  • Place call on hold / take call off hold
    "Hold call [on/off]"
  • Mute call
    "Mute call on"
  • Unmute call
    "Unmute call"
  • Allow incoming call to join a call in session
    "Join calls"

Text message voice commands

These commands allow you to hear a text message. You cannot text while driving.

  • Action
    Voice Commands
  • Listen to text message
    Incoming message:
  • Ex.: "Read message"