Phone As A Key works like your vehicle’s key fob to lock/unlock doors, remotely start/stop your vehicle and more through the Lincoln Way app on your smartphone. You can access it all even when your fob isn’t with you.

Creating a Door Keypad Code

First you must create a Backup Start Passcode for Phone As A Key (see how here), then you can add a Personal Door Keypad Code for your vehicle by following these steps.

  1. After creating a Backup Start Passcode successfully, SYNC® will prompt you to create a Personal Door Keypad Code for your key, which is in addition to the current Master Door Keypad Code.

  2. Select “Create a new Keypad Code” and SYNC will display a screen for entering the code.

  3. Enter desired Personal Door Keypad Code twice.

  4. SYNC will display a message that the Personal Door Keypad Code was created successfully.