change oil dash screen

The Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor (IOLM) system alerts you when it’s time to change your engine oil.3

If your vehicle is equipped with the IOLM feature, here’s how it works:

IOLM analyzes your vehicle’s data and calculates the recommended time to change your oil, so that you don’t have to remember to change it based on mileage intervals.

The monitor gauges your oil's life capacity and alerts you when it's time to get an oil change with one of the following messages, which will appear in your information display:

  • ENGINE OIL CHANGE DUE indicates you have about 5 percent oil-life left, and you should change the oil and filter soon.

  • OIL CHANGE REQUIRED means you have 0 percent oil-life remaining, and you should change the oil and filter now.

Be sure to reset your IOLM after engine oil and filter changes.