Lincoln technician inspecting front of a vehicle

No one knows your Lincoln like the engineers at Lincoln. They know how important it is to repair your Lincoln only with original Lincoln Collision parts to help maintain the original performance and quality. Discover how to get the right parts (and avoid the wrong ones).

Keep your Lincoln a Lincoln.

The Right Parts, Repairs and Insurance

You chose your Lincoln for many different reasons – safety, technology and performance, to name a few. If there is ever a time when any parts need replacement, we recommend that you choose Lincoln Collision parts to help ensure your Lincoln protects, performs and looks the way our engineers originally intended.

Every Part Has to Work Together

Your Lincoln is equipped with highly advanced crash-avoidance and safety systems that rely on a series of parts to work together. Seamlessly. It’s critical to make repairs with original Lincoln Collision replacement parts. They perform the way our engineers intended. And it’s a performance you deserve.

Not All Replacement Parts Are Created Equal:

  • Lincoln Collision parts are specifically engineered to offer the safety and reliability of an original Lincoln part

  • Lincoln Collision parts are readily available at many Lincoln Dealerships, ensuring fast delivery times

  • Using Lincoln Collision parts is critical to your vehicle’s long-term performance and your peace of mind

  • The use of new aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts may decrease resale value because of potentially poor quality, fit, finish and appearance

  • When Lincoln original equipment collision replacement parts are installed using factory-recommended materials and procedures by expert Lincoln technicians, they deliver the same structural performance characteristics as the original parts

You Have the Right to Receive the Right Parts

As a Lincoln owner, you can insist that your vehicle is repaired with only new, original Lincoln Collision parts. So ask for them. Take these steps to make sure you get the right parts and repairs for your Lincoln.

Learn How to Get the Right Parts:

  • Choose the right insurance company and policy. Many people begin their auto insurance policy search by looking for the least expensive policy that they can purchase, which could mean repairs are made with low-cost (and low-quality) aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts.

  • Take the right steps after an accident. Call your insurance company to start your claims process, remind them of your right to the right parts, and insist that any repairs be made with Lincoln Collision Parts.

  • Choose the right body shop. Select the shop you feel most comfortable dealing with during the repair process. Finding the right technician is just as important as getting the right parts. Start by referring to a list of Lincoln dealerships or recognized independent body shops in your area. Simply click on the Locate a Dealer link below.

For More Information:

You can receive more information when you download and print our Collision PDF Brochure and Collision Guide.

Contact your local Lincoln Dealership for more information about Lincoln Collision parts or talk to the Lincoln Concierge, there for you 24/7.